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L'actualité touristique et culturelle à Paris :

  • French landscapes exhibition at the BNF 24th October 2017 ]= 4th February 2018
    160 contemporary photographers show the countryside of France from 1984-2017 in more than a thousand photos at the BNF, not far from our hotels ! Here's all the info. 1984 was the year the state financed DATAR (De?le?gation a? l'Ame?nagement du Territoire et a? l'Action Re?gionale), with 29 photographers being sent off all over France to immortalise [...]
  • Discover the new website of the Hotel des Grands Hommes!
    Our beautiful 3-star hotel, the Hôtel des Grands Hommes has a new website! It's easier to navigate, with more superb photos and even some brand new functions like instant help via chat or text message! The hotel is in front of the Pantheon (with jaw-dropping views) and the Jardin du Luxembourg is just minutes away ]= the [...]
  • Dada Africa exhibition at the Orangerie Museum until 19th February 2018
    This new exhibition at the Orangerie Museum explores an interesting subject ]= the link between the subversive dadaist movement and non-western cultures ]= by confronting African, American Indian and Asian works with those of dadaists such as Hanna Höch, Man Ray... Here's all the info. It's interesting to see how rejecting one thing can lead [...]
  • The 2017 FIAC art fair at the Grand Palais 19th-22nd October
    Nearly 200 of the best galleries in the world are descending on the Grand Palais for the 44th edition of the FIAC ]= the Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain ]= something not to be missed if you like modern art. With off-site presentations at the Petit Palais opposite and the Tuileries gardens (over 70 works are [...]
  • Two new exhibitions at the Guimet Museum Images of Burma, photographic treasures and a 'carte blanche' by Jayashree Chakravarty
    The Guimet Museum continues its series of exhibitions about photography, showing for the first time some exceptional images of Burma (now Myanmar) taken at the end of the 19th century. On the same day, 18th October, opens the carte blanche from Indian artist Jayashree Chakravarty who has created a nature-based installation in the 4th floor [...]
  • Meteorites exhibition at the Natural History Museum, 18th October 2017 ]= 10th June 2018
    This interactive exhibition at the Natural History Museum just minutes from our hotels presents over 350 meteorites in a presentation punctuated by spectacular large-scale projections. Here's all the info. The meteorites exhibition is divided into three parts: the fall, rocks form outer space and archives of the past (yep, almost all meteorites are older than [...]
  • 5th edition of the Designer Flea market Sunday 15th October at Jussieu
    Now here's a flea market a little out of the ordinary, and it's just a few minutes away from our hotels! The Brocante Design (roughly, Designer Flea Market) brings together 60 boutiques and galleries specialised in design, half of which have come to Paris specially from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Swede. It's the perfect excuse to [...]
  • In a soldier's shoes exhibition at the Army Museum, 12th October 2017 ]= 28th January 2018
    The new exhibition at the Army Museum, on the Left Bank not far from our hotels, shows the everyday life of a soldier including everything... except combat. As it turns out, soldiers spend the vast majority of their time not fighting, but training, keeping their sprits up and trying to remain motivated despite the endless [...]
  • Being modern ]= MoMA in Paris exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation 11th October 2017 ]= 5th March 2018
    It's not every day that the MoMA lends 200 works abroad all at once. Thanks to this new exhibition at the Vuitton Foundation, you can see great pieces by Jasper Johns, Walker Evans, Magritte, Marcel Duchamp, Matisse, Picasso, Ce?zanne, Klimt, Edward Hopper, Frida Kahlo, Dalí, Man Ray, Lichtenstein, Mondrian, Rothko... Here's all the info. The exhibition Être moderne [...]
  • Picasso 1932 exhibition at the Picasso Museum 10th October 2017 ]= 11th February 2018
    Organised in collaboration with the Tate Modern, the Picasso 1932 exhibition (subtitled 'année érotique' in French) at the Picasso Museum is the first to follow the painter every day over a year, from 1st January to 31st December 1932, an exceptional year for him, as you will see... Here's all the info. For the first time, [...]