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Newsblog à Paris

L'actualité touristique et culturelle à Paris :

  • The Assassin's Creed Experience at Invalides until 4th November 2018
    Not quite an escape game, nor a guided tour, the Assassin's Creed Experience at Invalides is more an unusual, immersive interactive experience, developed with Ubisoft to coincide with the release of Assassin's Creed Odyssey for PS4, Xbox One and PC... And it's close to our hotels! Don't wait too long if you want to try [...]
  • Meet our team ]= Patricia Amoussovo of the Hotel Baume
    Ladies and gentlemen, pleas say hello to Patricia Amoussovo, general housekeeping deputy at the Hotel Baume. She tells us how she came to work at the hotel... I'm self-taught! I started work making coffee for breakfast, then became a chambermaid at the hotel where my mother worked. Later, I worked for a temping agency and [...]
  • The FIAC 2018, at and around the Grand Palais, 18th ]= 21st October
    The FIAC (Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain) is back for its 45th edition! It's the most important contemporary arts event in the Parisian calendar, with 195 galleries from 27 countries (including Greece and Peru for the first time this year) and events happening at the Grand Palais plus six other sites around Paris... 75,000 visitors are [...]
  • The Nadars, a photographic legend at the BNF, 16th October 2018 ]= 3rd February 2019
    The BNF (French National Library), not far from our hotels, has a new photo exhibition on offer, showcasing not only the work of revered photographer Félix Nadar (1820-1910) but also his son Paul and his brother Adrien Tournachon. It's the first time that an exhibition has explored the work of all three, showing that they [...]
  • Do you love Paris? Then help restore a monument by the Louvre! Or adopt an orangutan!
    If you love Paris, why not help imrpove its beauty! The Louvre needs your help to restore the Arc du Carrousel, and the zoo in the Jardin des Plantes, close to our hotels, is inviting people to adopt an orangutan so as to enlarge their enclosure! Almost every visitor to the Louvre has seen the [...]
  • Lifting Absolue Jeunesse ]= a 100% manual face treatment at the Spa of la Belle Juliette
    In an elegant and intimate setting, the spa of the Hotel la Belle Juliette offers beauty treatments designed by Maria Galland. The new addition to the range of choices is "Lifting absolue Jeunesse" (Absolute youth facelift), a 100% manual face treatment that brings instant, visible results. This innovative treatment fills wrinkles and sculpts the face. [...]
  • Maia Flore and Marc Sommer exhibition at la Belle Juliette until 8th December 2018
    Do you prefer you coffee spilt over half your blouse, or with rabbit ears poking out of it? ? The gallery of the Hotel and Spa la Belle Juliette gives you the choice with its new photo exhibition of work by Maia Flore and Marc Sommer, both of whom seem to be intrigued by the [...]
  • Age-old cities exhibition at the Arab World Institute until 10th February 2019
    The heritage of the Arab world ]= Palmyra, Aleppo, Mossul and Leptis Magna?]= come back to life thanks to the exhibition Age-old cities at the Arab World Institute (near our hotels), using the latest digital technology and virtual reality. Numerous important Arab heritage sites have been devastated by war or left to crumble through negligence. [...]
  • The birth of gothic sculpture exhibition at the Cluny Museum, 10th October 2018 ]= 7th January 2019
    The Cluny Museum, very close to our hotels (especially the l'Hôtel Design Sorbonne) is opening its latest exhibition ]= The birth of gothic sculpture ]= that will take you back in time tothe year 1135, showing how distinct bulding projects in Saint-Denis, Paris and Chartres managed to keep the same style through a clever system [...]
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat and Egon Schiele exhibitions at the Louis Vuitton Foundation until 14th January 2019
    The Louis Vuitton Foundation has a double-whamy of big-name exhibitions opening ]= Egon Schiele and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Schiele is known for his dark expressionist paintings from the ealry 20th century, created during a startling short period (he died of SPanish flu in 1918). In the exhibition, the first in Paris since 25 years to concentrate [...]